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Pearl City's History

Pearl City lines up the coasts of Oahu island, and is situated on four ahupua'a, or traditional Hawaiian land divisions. These divisions are: Waiawa, which means "from the towering mountains to the brilliant sea;" Manana, which literally means "bitter water;" Waimano, meaning "an area where lava flows meet;" and Waiau, which means "swirling beautiful waters."

In ancient times, the chieftains and the rest of the community enjoyed the bountiful shellfish and marine life that decorated the fish pens on the magnificent shores of then Puuloa. But shortly after Western travelers set foot on the magnificent shores of Oahu island, the Pearl River proved to be a very inviting area. Oysters, which bore pearls, were found to be bountiful in the depths of the river's flowing waters, and eventually grabbed the attention of the great King Kamehameha I. This made the great king ask Francisco de Paul Marin to take hold of his lucrative pearl trade in the tropical island of Hawaii. This happened in 1815, which was a time when this great king was seeking to unite the Hawaiian islands



into a single community under his rule.


But in the mid-1800s, cattle raising was practiced in the mountain lands of now Pearl City. This caused severe forest and mountain denudation, which then made the booming oyster population of Pearl River rapidly wane.

In the late 1800s, Benjamin F. Dillingham then made plans of converting the western fertile portions of Oahu, the now Pearl City included, into crop-producing lands. This was the start of the headlining success of Hawaii's sugar production industry in the early 1900s. But when the Second World War broke the silence of Hawaii's continuously booming sugar industry, the sugar plantations and refineries on the lands of Oahu closed down. This made Pearl City residents look for alternative sources of sustenance, and found that the tourism and trade industries of this place can be improved.

Pearl City's Attractions

With Pearl City now enjoying a booming local trade industry due to Hawaii's equally booming tourism industry, several business establishments have made this place their home. But the international trade industry of Pearl City is also enjoying good times, all because of its revitalized business ports.

The Leeward Bowl Inc, which is a prime bowling spot for visitors, promises a good time with an equally good game of bowling. In addition, being around this tropical paradise island's fresh and soothing winds while having a good bowling game is more than enough to soothe the minds of weary travelers.

The Leeward Community College offers students and professionals in the academic world a chance to enjoy quality education. Located within the Pearl City limits, the combination of good education, with a pinch of Hawaii's good life, is more than enough to stimulate academic excellence from those young minds.

The Signature Theatres LLC is a movie house that offers a relaxing time in its elegant movie houses. This would be a good place to spend a relaxing time after the hustle and bustle of the prime city life, which Pearl City could also provide anyone, anytime. There are lots of shops, boutiques, and just about anything that showcases the cultural diversity of Hawaii. There are even stores and markets that have Hawaiian local produce, locally handcrafted artistic creations, and other novelty items that hold within it a piece of Hawaii's rich past and cultural heritage.

Pearl City's Economy

With this tropical paradise island's globally successful tourism industry, Pearl City is among the cities of Hawaii that enjoy a booming local tourism industry all year round. This is why several business establishments have popped up here and there along the prime shores of this beautiful Hawaiian dream.

Its coasts, which are filled to the brim of interesting stories of Hawaii's past, are enough of an invitation for visitors and students to flock its shores. With a steady stream of tourists and travelers all year round, things are definitely looking up for Pearl City even in the years to come.

The produce from Pearl City's upland cattle farms are showcased in the local markets that line up its coasts. Its fertile lands also provide an assortment of crops such as pineapple, rice, and other Hawaiian tropical fruits and vegetables. With bustling business ports on the edges of this place's prime shores, Pearl City is also open for international trading systems. With lots of prime Hawaiian cities and towns surrounding the balanced mixture of modern day living and Hawaiian culture in Pearl City, visitors and travelers can go here and there in search for that dream holiday they need. Plus, Pearl City could also offer you a wide range of lucrative business investments.

Accordingly, the prices of prime land spots on Pearl City have increased through time. An average household now costs around $277,600. This is a very affordable price to shell out since the annual household income of Pearl City, on average, reaches up to an approximate amount of $62,036. This is also enough for anyone to enjoy the good life under the blessed Hawaiian heavens.

Pearl City Statistics:

Population: 30,976
Households: 8,921
Median resident age: 37.0 years
Median household income: $62,036
Median house value: $277,600
Land area: 5.0 square miles
Elevation: 95 feet
Latitude: 21?24'N
Longitude: 157?58'W
Zip code: 96782