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Kaneohe's lush lands, all 6.6 square miles of it, are showered with fertile soils and vegetation. This thus makes the natural produce as tasteful as the cultural heritage of the people of this Hawaiian holiday spot. This is why the people of Kaneohe, all 34,970 of them, and the 10,976 households in this community are as graciously thankful for the blessings this place has.

Elevated at approximately 80 feet above sea level, this Hawaiian community of Kaneohe is blessed with soothing winds and a breathtaking view of the sparkling magnificence of the Pacific. This also makes Kaneohe enjoy tropical sunny weather all year round, with a few drizzles here and there to further nurture the fertility of its lush lands. This is why there is a lot of parks and holiday shores on Kaneohe that accurately depict the natural beauty and grace of Hawaii.

Kaneohe's History

There are lots of Polynesian legendary stories that abound the shelves of Hawaii's magnificent collection of documents contained within its state libraries. In the mid-1800s, the great King Kamehameha I willingly redistributed the greater portions of Hawaii back to its local residents. This was before the great king succeeded in unifying the islands of Hawaii into a single kingdom under his mighty rule.

But in the early 1900s, this Hawaiian community became a prime sugar-producing industry, with plantations and refineries situated within its confines. The diversity of this place's cultural heritage and ancestry is made up of the cultures and racial origins brought by the people of Kaneohe's past who mostly came from foreign nearby lands. They were pushed by the promise of work as sugar plantation farmers, but more so, the hopes of the good life.

Kaneohe, specifically Kaneohe Bay, played a vital role in the Second World War, which took place in the mid-1900s. It was the first bomb site on the shores of this tropical paradise island. Here, Japanese ships and carriers tried to land on its coasts so as to rummage the spoils of war from the Hawaiian dream. It never happened, for the first bombs were already on its way to Hiroshima and Nagasaki back then, which ultimately ended the war. But it left Kaneohe, along with the other Hawaiian communities, to tend to the spoils brought about by war and rebuild the place. Hawaii's sugar production industry also ended abruptly because of the said war, but it now enjoys the blessings of a booming tourism industry, which was brought about by this place's natural beauty and grace.

Kaneohe's Attractions

Kaneohe has prime shores and magnificent beaches to spend your Hawaiian holiday on. This community also has many business establishments that showcase its local produce and rich cultural heritage, apart from the artistic skills of its local residents and its brilliant natural parks.

For example, Kaneohe is home to one big business establishment on this tropical paradise island, known all over the world as the towering Windward Mall. It displays a variety of shops and boutiques that are decorated with the finer things in Hawaiian culture. Meanwhile, the Hanama Bay is the answer to most people's troubles and worries, with the promise of clear Hawaiian skies and a breathtaking view of both the blue Pacific and the great mountain ranges. Another must-see site is the Byodo-In-Temple, which is a beautiful home to Buddhist ideologies and principles, and is among the best spots this Hawaiian community could offer its lucky visitors.

But, of course, Kaneohe is not complete without its pride of natural reserves and well loved beaches. The Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden provides tourists and local residents a soothing time with a walk on its naturally carved greens. The Sea Life Park is another attraction that foreigners must avail of in their tour packages. For the beach spots, Kaneohe has some great hideaways a stressed traveler could want for a relaxing and serene vacation. The Lanikai and the Kailua Beach are this Hawaiian community's promising destinations, for these hold within its beautiful waters and magnificent shores the true meaning of a tropical paradise island.

Kaneohe's Economy

After the economic upheaval that was felt amidst the Second World War, the headlining sugar production industry of Hawaii came to an abrupt end. Kaneohe, known for the fertility of its lands, was part of the victims caused by the spoils of war. But it has recovered from the wounds that the war has triggered on its rich lands, and Kaneohe now thrives in its booming tourism industry to sustain both itself and its people.

There is a lot of business establishments that line up its coasts, showcasing the best water spots and greens of this Hawaiian community. But the fertility of a few patches of land on this dream paradise is also being tapped by its people for the crops and other local produce. Rice has replaced sugar as the main produce from this Hawaiian community, but a few tracts of land are still openly being nourished for its sugar production. There are a few small sugar plantations, with nearby refineries that process the sugar produce from its fertile lands. There are also pineapple patches here and there, as much as other tasteful crops from the gardens of local residents.

Fishing is another source of income for the local residents of Kaneohe. But there are only a few fish pens left, compared to several large fish pens it housed back in the mid-1900s. But the local trade industry of this Hawaiian community is prospering along with the booming tourism industry of Kaneohe and Hawaii in general. This has made the average household annual income of Kaneohe to be marked off at $66,006, which is comparatively higher than the other Hawaiian communities. The good life is more than a promise here in Kaneohe, and its people know this for a fact.